This course is intended for participants who are familiar with Microsoft Project 2010 or earlier versions.

Anyone who works in Project Management will benefit by attending this course.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Customize Microsoft Project elements including tables, views, and reports.
  • Use sample templates, create custom templates, and use the Organizer to manage project elements
  • Work with progress lines, Earned Value tables, and Visual Reports.
  • Use and create Import/Export maps
  • Create master projects, insert and work with subprojects, and create links to external tasks
  • Assign tasks to resources from a resource pool, modify resource information, and update the resource pool
  • Work with rollup task bars, hyperlinks, custom WBS codes, and macros.

Customizing Tables Views and Reports

  • Customizing Project Elements
  • Custom Tables
  • Custom Views
  • Custom Reports

Working with Templates

  • Sample Templates
  • Custom Templates
  • The Organizer

Tracking and Analyzing Project Data

  • Progress Lines
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Custom Visual Reports

Importing and Exporting Data

  • Importing and Exporting Files
  • Using Import/Export Maps

Working with Multiple Projects

  • Master Projects and Subprojects
  • Working with Multiple Projects
  • Linking Tasks Across Projects

Resource Pools

  • Resource Pools
  • Working with Resource Pools

Additional Features

  • Rollup Task Bars
  • Hyperlinks
  • Custom WBS Codes
  • Macros

Courseware Timing

The following table lists an estimated amount of time to be allocated per chapter and section based on a seven-hour training session. Time required for pre-class introductions or greetings has not been included. Please note that these are estimates only and that other variables may dictate the amount of time you spend on each chapter and section.

Customizing Tables, Views, and Reports 40 min

1.1 Customizing Project Elements 10 min
1.2 Custom Tables 10 min
1.3 Custom Views 10 min
1.4 Customizing Reports 10 min

Working with Templates 45 min

2.1 Sample Templates 15 min
2.2 Custom Templates 15 min
2.3 The Organizer 15 min

Tracking and Analyzing Project Data 70 min

3.1 Progress Lines 20 min
3.2 Earned Value Analysis 25 min
3.3 Custom Visual Reports 25 min

Importing and Exporting Data 50 min

4.1 Importing and Exporting Files 25 min
4.2 Using Import/Export Maps 25 min

Working with Multiple Projects 75 min

5.1 Master Projects and Subprojects 25 min
5.2 Working with Multiple Projects 25 min
5.3 Linking Tasks Across Projects 25 min

Resource Pools 60 min

6.1 Resource Pools 30 min
6.2 Working with Resource Pools 30 min

Additional Features 80 min

7.1 Rollup Task Bars 20 min
7.2 Hyperlinks 20 min
7.3 Custom WBS Codes 20 min
7.4 Macros 20 min

  • Complete course material (printed manuals) with exercises
  • In-class exam
  • Course certificates
  • PMI® Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • In-class tools
  • Post course follow-up